Nowadays, organisations are exposed to a vast array of complex risks to their operations. Additionally, there is an overload of business data, complex accounting rules and disclosure requirements, laws, regulations and decrees. In today’s environment, organisations need fool proof processes to ensure not only that their business is properly managed but also that it is adequately protected against the many compliance issues to which it might be exposed.


We offer three specific categories of service:

Executive Education & Training

In partnership with renowned higher education institutions and professional membership associations, we provide executive training in Governance, Risk Management, Control & Compliance, Fraud & Corruption Risk Management, and Finance.

Allied Business Controls is the Authorised Trainer for the CFE Review Course in French-speaking African countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Bénin, Senegal, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc.)

Corporate Governance, Internal Controls and Business Process Improvement

Using our Smart Business Controls methodology, we can provide unmatched advisory services and training in Governance, Risk Management, Control & Compliance (GRC).

Allied Business Controls has created methodologies covering:

  • Control of development aid funds, grants and subsidies
  • Prevention of laundering the proceeds from illicit activities
  • Audits of organisations or countries susceptible to fraud and corruption
  • Audits of the exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing

We also accompany our clients in the conduct of special internal investigations, when they are faced with allegations of fraud, and in managing the related crisis situations for them.

Financial investigations and financial advisory

Using our Investors' Security methodology, we assist our clients in determining the integrity and relevance of financial and transactional data used in key decisions for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and business process re-engineering or re-organisation.