You can count on our professionalism, our commitment to confidentiality and discretion as mandated by the codes of ethics and professional conduct signed by us each year. Essentially, we use consultants for assignments based on their solid experience in the relevant domain(s), thereby combining:

  • Significant practical experience gained in business, the public sector, and international organisations
  • Diplomas or experience recognised by institutions of international reputation
  • Frequently publishing and teaching at institutions of higher education of international renown

All of which ensures the capability of our consultants to understand our clients’ environment, to formulate pragmatic and realistic solutions, and to communicate in an effective manner, notably to transfer knowledge to our clients, if so desired

Our team also includes specialists in economic intelligence (financial and economic information, communication of influence), former police officers or magistrates, both French and foreign, experts in financial investigations and combatting economic and financial crimes, corruption and money laundering, who can be called upon if needed (on-site or remotely).

We maintain partnerships with firms of international lawyers or specialist consultants in order to augment our capacity to be of service and to reinforce our capabilities.